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“Thoughts become things.”

I can remember hearing that as a teenager and at the time, it really hadn’t dawned on me how true that one little statement was.

It was actually in my mid thirties when I started doing personal development work each day where I learned what it truly meant.

At the time, I was working on losing the baby weight and building a home based business on the side of my full time job.  Little did I know that the there would be so many obstacles that would be thrown in my way and that the personal development that I had started doing, would actually help me.

Over the last few years, my life has looked like this…My RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) would flare like never before, depression would hit me and leave me feeling SO alone, my Fibromyalgia flares no one understood because there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with me and recently a PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) diagnosis that explained why I couldn’t lose weight, had hair growth and hair loss and more.  Throw in there my Mom’s Breast Cancer diagnosis, Bob’s Kidney Cancer diagnosis and just recently, a major heart attack and sending a daughter to college and the emotions that a momma feels when she has her baby leaves home for the first time.  My journey has had it’s ups and downs for sure.

With all of that going on, the stress got to me and there were days that I didn’t want to exercise or eat healthy.  I had to get my mind in the right mindset if I truly wanted to lose weight.  This is where the personal development came in and it’s something that I use still to this day.

I had read a book that contained affirmations.  Affirmations are merely positive statements of what you want to be.  An example of one that I use often is “I attract positive people into my life.”   I say this one because experts say that you are who you hang around and I want to be positive and bring value to the world.

When I didn’t feel like working out, I would say….”I love the energy I get from a good workout.” or if I didn’t want to eat healthy, I would say…”My body craves healthy food.”

I would say these affirmations throughout the day as needed and allowed them to be a reminder for what I am working for in addition to my why.  You can read more about that here.

Today, I’m sharing 10 Affirmations for Weight Loss that you can download or print and use as needed.  I’ve also pinned them on Pinterest so you can save to your own board.  You can use one, some or all.  Read them silent, read them aloud and often throughout the day.  In just a few weeks, you’ll notice the difference using them has made.  You’ll learn to love the body you’re in and you’ll start to reap the rewards that come from healthy living.

  1. I enjoy the healthy food I eat.
  2. Everyday I workout, gets me closer to goal.
  3. I can do hard things.
  4. I exercise because it feels good.
  5. My body is getting stronger with every workout I do.
  6. Developing healthy habits gets easier every day.
  7. I feed my body healthy foods.
  8. I am healthy and food of energy.
  9. I can achieve my weight loss goal.
  10.  I love myself and my body.



































Do you have a favorite affirmation that you use?  Share with our community.  We enjoy learning and sharing new things with one another.

With Love,


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