Welcome to The Good Vibe Life Company where we hope you find everything you need to look and feel YOUR best. 

We started our company because we feel that being happy in what you choose to wear or the activities that you choose to participate in, gives you the power to be you and do you, for you.   And when you’re happy in one area of your life, you tend to have happiness in other areas of your life too! 

Our founder, Laura, is the sole buyer and the Head Coach for our company and hand picks everything on our site.  She loves to take the time to find unique things that makes others stand out from the crowd and that they can celebrate with their own individual style and taste.  One thing that our company is proud of is that we strive to support and purchase from companies who make their products in the USA or we refurbish/recycle preloved items.

Laura holds several Certifications in Coaching and specializes in Mindset and Accountability Life Coaching.

Located in Northwestern Pennsylvania, Laura works alongside her husband, Bob, and her fur babies. They are proud furparents to Teddy, a greyhound mix, and Paige, Casey and the twins, Eddie and Kenni Mae. They also have two grown human daughters, Bailey and Morgan. Hobbies that Laura has include reading, going to the beach, family and friends and giving back to the communities that she resides in.

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