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3 Key Steps to Successful Weight Loss

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

I have been thinking lately about the steps that it takes for successful weight loss.  And, it really boils down to three simple things.  Today, you can make the choice that you’re ready and implement these.  Are you ready to have the body and the health you desire?  It’s possible.  Here’s how…

It’s all about the mindset.

1. You have to make a decision that you are sick and tired of not having the energy to keep up with your kids, that you are tired of not being able to wear what you want to wear, that you’re so over being bloated and embarrassed all the time.

You have to DECIDE that you’re ready to make a change and that even with mistakes that you’ll make along the way that you’re willing to put in the work to make things happen, even when you don’t feel like it.

When you do slip up, you need to give yourself grace and keep moving forward.  One bad meal or one missed day of exercise won’t ruin your efforts when you’re following a healthy weight loss plan the majority of the time.

2. You have to figure out “why” you’re not losing.

Emotional eating/portion control and inflammation can be causes for lack of weight loss.  These are typically the reasons why people struggle the most with losing weight.

When you determine which category you fall into (some folks fall into both), you can fine-tune your “diet” to work for you.  By the way, even if you aren’t sure which category you’re in, you can still make healthy changes now that will help lead you there.

For example, when I’m stressed, I eat.  Knowing that I’m a stress eater, I can choose to do other things instead of turning to a bag of chips, which also cause inflammation in my body.  My body is inflamed because of certain food sensititives.  I’ve learned what my body likes and doesn’t like and how it reacts to certain foods I eat.   When I eat certain foods, my body knows it and it can affect my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.  Instead of turning to food, I can call a friend, go for a walk, or have a healthy plate of mixed bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots and celery with a low fat dip.

3. Ditch the “Diet” Mentality.

 How many times have you said this…”I’m going on a diet.”?

Living healthy encompasses so much more than just “starving yourself” to be thin.  You have the power to be in complete control over what you eat, what exercise you do and how you feel about yourself. 

When you begin to focus on the healthy foods that your body needs, the physical activity that you enjoy doing and appreciating where you are in your journey, you’ll end up reaching your weight loss goal sooner than later.

Every day, you’ll just keep improving, staying consistent and making small steps until you reach your goal.  And once you do reach your goal, you’ll know what you need to do to maintain and stay at your ideal weight.

I believe in you and know that the “you” that you want to be is right around the corner.  You can do this!

With Love,


PS – I still have a few spots left for our Downsizers Group.  Here you’ll learn more about making healthy changes, what causes your body inflammation, and more.  It would be an honor to work with you!

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Laura Kelly-Pifer is a Self-Discovery CoachTM who strives to help others by giving hope and support to those that are dissatisfied with their current situation. Whether you are lacking physically, emotionally, financially, or nutritionally she is here to help you see REAL RESULTS!

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