By Debbie Siebers

How many times do you work hard all day, eat right, and then ruin your entire day by breaking down late at night? Realize that by eating late at night you are truly eating your chance for weight loss. Don’t sabotage your hard work for one quick fix at the worst possible time. Before you eat that late-night snack, take a minute to consider the pluses and minuses, and how much happier you’ll feel in the morning if you commit to the willpower to not indulge. Here are three things that can replace your late-night cravings:

1. Herb tea. It’s warm, satisfying, and will help you sleep, plus it has zero calories!

2. Meditation. Take a couple of minutes to sit, breathe, and quiet your mind. You might be surprised to find your cravings melt away.

3. Stretching. This not only helps your body unwind from the day, but it also puts you in tune with your body and what it really needs. After stretching, your body feels relaxed and connected, and usually the last thing it wants in this state is food.

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