Stress Mother Running Late With Kids In City

Curious.  When do you workout?  Are you morning, afternoon, evening or whenever it just happens to fit in?

I’ll be honest that if I don’t plan my workout, it’s more than likely not going to happen.  The same with my nutrition.  If I don’t plan what I’m going to eat during the day than it’s easier to order take out.

Life is busy.  Between work, school, kids, chores around the home, etc. it can be a struggle to fit it in.  It seems like it’s the end of the day and Boom!  it’s time for bed.

I know I’m not alone here.  Does this sour familiar?

Let me share some of my favorite tools for getting things done.

Awesome note:  This is an app for the phone.  I can create reoccurring to do lists, making grocery lists and more.  When it’s time to do the task, I get a notification that it’s due.  This is a website or phone app that we using for our family calendar.  I can have reminders sent out on my behalf to my hubby and kids letting them know what we have planned each day.  I simply set those up when I schedule the appointment.  In addition, I use this app to schedule my workout where I have time in during the day.  I know which hours I dedicate to work, to family time, to study time and self development time.  I also include personal time, even if for 10 minutes enjoying my morning coffee.  There are a bunch of other things that can help with time management there too.

Pinterest:  This is a website or phone app.  I’ve created a board of quick and easy meals that I can look up in a pinch.  There are many recipes that I’ve pinned that don’t take much time to prep and make.  You can follow my board here:  One thing I’ll say though about this particular app is this…don’t get sucked in and lose time here.  It’s so easy to do!  Been there, done that.

Lose  This is a web or phone app that you can track your meals.  I like to track everything, both the good and bad choices that I make, so that I can go back and see where I need to make changes.  Knowing what our triggers are or what we need to do more/less can help us so  that we can plan better.

Please note that I’m not affiliated in any way with these apps or companies.  I’m just a consumer who has found use with these products.  I’m all about making life easier and more manageable so I hope that if you choose to use them that you’ll find them just as helpful as I have.  I really feel that by planning and automating a lot of what we do, can save us time allowing us to do more of what we enjoy.

Do you have any apps, websites or tools that you use to better manage your time or make things easier for you?  Do share.  Our community is always looking for things like this.

With Love,


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