scale-403585_640Okay, ladies (and gents too!) It happened.  I turned forty last summer and just as folks had warned me, things started changing.  I began getting grayer, getting hotter (as in night sweats) and well, losing weight became more difficult.

I had always heard about how a woman’s metabolism began to change after 40 but yikes, this was awful.  The things I had been doing weren’t working anymore.  I had reached a plateau.  Add in some stress….hubby getting cancer, the holidays, oldest daughter looking and applying to colleges and for scholarships and BOOM!  not only did I hit a plateau but some of the weight I had lost, crept back on.

I finally broke down and scheduled an appointment with my family doctor.  It was time to get to a root cause and get some answers.  Labs were ordered and all came back as healthy.  Essentially her answer was that all of the yo-you dieting I had done in the past and all of the prescription medication I took for over a decade, are to blame for my metabolic resistance.  I left the appointment in disappointment and in a sense of hopelessness.  Was I destined to stay this way?

My answer:  HECK NO!

I decided to come home and did some research.   It was time to show my Doc that there was a way to break my plateau and I’ve been doing just that.  I found that there are 4 ways to reboot your metabolism.  They are:

1.  Know what your BMR is.  BMR stands for Basil Metabolic Rate which the amount of calories your body needs, even when sleeping.  You’ll use that, a meal plan and physical activity to keep you properly fueled and aid in weight loss.

2. You’ll want to eat small, frequent meals thru out the day with nutrient dense foods.  I eat 5 mini meals each day and limit anything processed.  The more natural, the better.

3. Strength train at least 3 times per week.  If you’re concerned about not looking feminine because you’re lifting, no worries.  Women don’t bulk up like men do.

4. Be patient.  That’s probably the hardest but patience is needed.  You didn’t gain weight overnight, it won’t go away over night.  Stay consistent and stay the course.

Incorporating these 4 tips into my life have been extremely valuable.  When I felt like there was no hope, I just had to keep the faith that something would work out and it did.  I’m so glad that I didn’t give up.

If you feel stuck with your weight loss, maybe a reboot is in order.  Give these four tips a try.

With Love,


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