5 Day FREE Clean Eating Challenge

Healthy Eating

What’s included in the 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge?

– A FREE Coach (That’s me!)

– Meal Plan

– Shopping List

– Tips

– Motivation

What some folks are saying…

Peggy – “I lost almost 4 lbs… I have more energy and feel so much better!”

Athena – “I’m so excited I lost 2 lbs. I struggled with allergies this week and lack of sleep but I kept eating healthy and I know it made a difference!”

Kim – “I lost 5 lbs… During this 5 day challenge. Thank you again for the invite Laura.”

Stephannie – “I have learned too that even though I can’t exercise but controlling my portions and eating healthy I was able to lose 4 lbs the healthy way. ”

Julia – “I did great lost 4 1/2lbs & a total of 3 inches all around. I feel great, loved the food.”

When do we start?  Monday, June 21, 2015.

How do I join?  Grab your spot at: