5 Habits of Healthy Families

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

About a decade ago, Bob (my husband) and I decided to make some changes in our lives.  With those changes, we gradually became a healthier family.  It didn’t happen overnight but we’ve made great strides and today, I’m going to share those with you.  These habits that we have formed have made quite the impact in our lives and I hope that they do the same for your family.

  1. Everyone needs fuel.  To maintain a healthy weight, properly fueling your body is essential, especially for busy and growing little bodies.  Having healthy snacks on hand can help you do just that.  Some snacks we keep are almonds, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, air popped popcorn, hard-boiled eggs and greek yogurt.  For our fruits and veggies, I try to have those already washed and prepped so my girls and hubby can grab and go.  The same goes for me.  It’s easier to snack on foods that you don’t have to do much with so I’ll often wash, prep and even cook some foods so that it makes life easier thru out the week by having it all done.
  2. Repeats are okay.  I’ll admit that I can be a creature of habit just because it can make life so much easier.  Knowing what we are going to eat each day helps us stay on track, both for our health and our family budget.  I’ll often make dinner, keeping tomorrow’s lunch in mind.  And, I often have the same breakfast or lunch each day.   I tend to use the same a lot of the same items also when I making up our meal plan. For example, if we’re having chicken than we might have it for a few meals but prepared in different ways.
  3. Move every day! I’m a big believer that exercise can change your mood and that in turn can change your life.  As a busy working mom, I know it can be a struggle sometimes to fit fitness in.  What keeps me moving though is knowing how much of a difference it can make in my day and how much better I feel.  Bob and I have encouraged our girls to do the same.   There are so many activites that you can do with or without going to the gym and that you can ask the whole family to join you in.  Walking, jump rope, playing the Wii, playing hide and seek and so much more.  Ask your kids what they like to do and then join them.  Family time plus a workout is a win-win in my book.
  4. Eat Dinner together. This one is a tough one but it’s something that we really work hard to do.  Because of Bob’s work schedule, we rarely have nightly meals together.  We do however have a family dinner on Sunday evenings and try to eat together any other meals where we can.  It’s our time to sit down, chat about what’s going on and enjoy a healthy meal together.  This has become  a tradition that I hope we continue to do once my girls are have moved out and are on their own.
  5. Have a nighttime routine.  Even though my girls are older now, we still have our nighttime routines.  And while they have evolved since they were wee little girls, they have developed into healthy habits.  Brushing their hair, their teeth and flossing as well as reading before bed are some of what we still do.

Do you have healthy habits that you do with your family?  Do share.  We would love to know.


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