5 Simple Ways to Drink Water

Earlier this week, our Community began a 7-Day Water Challenge.

Each day our goal is to increase the amount we drink, arriving at the end of the week meeting our daily-recommended intake.

You’ll find that most Physicians recommend drinking 8-8 oz. glasses.   Keep in mind that 64 oz. doesn’t work for everyone. If you’re exercising, you may need more and if you’re eating a lot of water rich fruits and veggies, you might not need as much. Listen to your body and drink enough so that you’re not dehydrated.

If you have difficulty drinking water, here are 5 simple ways to get your water in each day.

  1. Make it FUN! Plain water can be boring. Try adding a splash of fruit, like lime or lemon juice or even an tasty essential oil like wild orange.  For a “spa” feel, add slices of cucumbers and oranges. The sky is the limit with the flavors that you can create. Experiment and find the flavors you like best.
  2. Add a little sparkle! Again, plain water can be boring. Thankfully, there are other options. There are sparkling, spring, mineral, vitamin-enhanced, reverse osmosis, filtered, fruit-flavored, etc.). Be sure to read the labels as some “waters” have significantly added calories. Many bottles of water contain two to three cups of water.
  3. Keep water with you. Wherever you go, keep a refillable water bottle with you. Refill when you’ve consumed it all. While in the car, at an appointment or anywhere else, I have my water in front of me. (The same goes for my desk when I work.)
  4. Set a timer. I know what it’s like to get busy and forget to drink. You can now find that many smartphones have free water reminder apps. Even the older cell phones have some sort of reminder system. Go ahead and set up a schedule to remind you to drink up.
  5. Drink at each meal. By sipping water between every few bites, you’ll slow down and enjoy your meal more, while also meeting your water needs.

As you can see, these are 5 Simple Ways to Drink Water. Do you have a tip that you can share? Drinking water is so important for our bodies.

If you’re not in our 7-Day Water Challenge, it’s NEVER too late to start. We would love to have you join us.

With Love,


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