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5 Tips To Make Healthy Eating Easier
Do you ever have days where you’re eating on plan, you’re doing great and then BOOM, something happens and you’ve fallen off the wagon?  Yeah, me too.
I have learned over the years though that when I’m tired and stressed and not feeling like cooking, that’s where I slip up the most.
Today, I want to share with you 5 Tips for Making Healthy Eating Easier.

  1. Plan.  One of the best things I’ve done is plan my meals.  I sit down each week and go thru the food we have in the house and then compare with what I need to buy.  Meal by meal, I’ll jot down what I need to eat each day.  I seldom have to ask…”What’s for dinner?”
  2. Cook in Advance.  When both my girls are involved in extracurricular activities and we’re on the go, cooking a healthy, home cooked meal some days just doesn’t happen, even with the best intentions.  I’ve learned though that cooking in advance can help.  I’ll often make double batches of our favorite meals and freeze.  When I know I’m going to have a rough day, I just let it thaw out, heat and serve.
  3. Keep Your Fridge Well Stocked With Healthy Choices.  When you have healthy foods and less junk to pick from, you’ll tend to eat healthier.
  4. Prep Your Meals and Snacks in Advance.  Usually each Sunday, I’ll go thru the fridge and slice and dice my veggies for the week.  I make bags for my hubby so he can take healthy snacks to work and then I have the rest here, all ready to go.  No matter if it’s a stir-fry or just to snack on, the majority of the work is done already and that makes life easier.  You can do the same with other kinds of snack too.
  5.  Give yourself grace when you do slip up.  There have been times where I’ve done the tips above and we chose to eat dinner out.  Some days, you just need someone to take care of you.  When you do slip up, give yourself grace and keep moving forward.  At your next meal, just get back on track.  One meal won’t ruin all your hard work.
How do you like to stay on track with eating healthy?  If you have a tip not listed, share.  Our community is always looking to learn new ways to make life easier and stay on track with their healthier lifestyle.
With Love,

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