Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

Welcome to this post. I want to share with you how to make some easy money TODAY!

I went LIVE  in my facebook group and shared 30 of the different apps that I use and how I use them.   The LIVE video will remain up so if you’re wanting to check it out, it’s in the group here.

Having said that, this blog post is one in a series that will help you generate some cash flow doing everyday things and is only a fraction on what we will cover in this series and contains six of the thirty things I talked about in my LIVE. 

I’ll be sharing the other ways that I use passive income via blog posts but wanted to get out the ones that I felt were easiest and you’re probably already out there semi-doing out as quickly as possible so that we could put some money in your pocket today!

First off, let me say that I don’t recommend things that I don’t personally use.  If I happen to have not used it myself but know about it because a friends uses it, I’ll be sure to mention that.

Also, please note that some of the things that I’m sharing with you are affiliate links.  That means that when you sign up, I may receive credit or a small commission from the affiliate themselves.  This is another way that I generate income and I will be talking about it in another live and in another email/blog post.  Keep an eye out for more info!

Let’s start with some easy apps (and websites) that pay you when you go shopping.  As I mentioned earlier, you’re probably already semi doing these so why not make some money at the same time.
Ready?  Let’s go!
1. Ebates.  I use this app/website all of the time.  You can read how I use it and save on this blog post.  It’s been great at helping me save more money on things I’m going to buy already. 
There are so many online stores that give you a rebate for shopping with them and what’s nice is that if you participate in program’s that allow you to grocery shop and pick up/deliver, you get cash back for that too. There’s also coupon codes that you can often use as well.  #winwin 
Payment is sent to your paypal account quarterly.  If you use my link to enroll, you’ll get a $10 credit to your account.
2. Swagbucks.  This is similar to Ebates in the sense that you can earn cash back on the things that youre buying.
When shopping, I see who has the better cash back rebate and use that website.  Sometimes it’s Ebates, sometimes is Swagbucks.  I just pick and choose each time I shop.   I also make sure that I scan any shopping receipts when I’m out as it counts towards my activity.
In addition to cash back, Swagbucks has other ways to earn if you want to participate in their surveys, daily poll, play games, watch videos, etc.  You can also make money on referring others to their website.  Most of these apps that I’m sharing with you, allow you to do that which allows extra income for you and also helps others save money at the same time.
Payment is sent in the form of gift cards.  I usually pick a cash gift card since that seems most used in my household and gift cards come in all values so you can pick where and how much whenever you want to redeem.
3. Checkout 51 – Buy your favorite products while grocery shopping, check the app to see if the stuff your bought is listed there and then scan a copy of your receipt to be processed.  It’s that easy! 
When you reach $20 or more, Checkout 51 will issue you a check upon your request.
4. Ibotta – This is similar to Checkout 51 in the same sense that your can buy your favorite products and get a rebate.  It’s just as easy too and has many more items on it than Checkout 51.  Even website purchases can be included in your rebates.  Its definitely worth checking out.
When you reach $20 or more, Ibotta will paypal your money to you upon request.
5. Fetch Rewards – Another easy cash back app!  Scan your receipt and earn points for in store and some online purchases.  I even used my receipt for a bottle of wine the other day at got 25 points credited to my account!
When you reach a certain point range, you can redeem your Fetch Rewards for gift cards.  When you use my referral code, YW1PW, you’ll get 2,000 Fetch Points just for starting!  Be sure to download the Fetch app and start saving today. 
6.  Like free stuff?  Than you’ll enjoy Field Agent.  Often times, you can use this app to get paid and try free stuff which is pretty cool!  I’ve been using it off and on when I happen to be at one of the stores listed and easily made $70+ in just a short time, doing what I’d be doing anyway….shopping.  We have enjoyed drinks and apps out, salad dressing, beauty products, and more using the buy and try feature and sharing our thoughts afterwards. 
Payment is sent to paypal and can be redeemed after $3 is in your account.  Be sure to download the Field Agent app and check it out. 
There ya go!  6 apps/websites that pay you to shop.  If you’re not using these already, be sure to check them out.  They’ve been an asset to our family’s budget and helped make some things a little easier in life.  Sharing in hopes that they do the same for you!
Have an app/website that you’ve found of value, let us know!  I’m always looking forward to learning about new ones.
With Love,

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