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Have you ever woken up finding it hard to get out of bed?

Are you struggling to find the motivation to start your day?

Are all the things that are on your to do list dragging you down?

I get it! This was me too!

I can remember back in the day feeling tired, unmotivated, disorganized and all the other feels while I was trying to grow my online biz.  It was hard trying to work on my dream while working full time, running a home, being a mom, doing all the mom stuff, volunteering and all the other hats that I was wearing. 

I had to find a way to fix my mind so that I would get up each day with motivation and a clear plan to tackle my to do list.

So here’s what I did to make over my morning and start living a better life and on MY terms.

I took the things that I had learned from various coaches that I had worked with, courses I took and from a book called the Miracle Morning and made those suggestions fit my life.

These aren’t necessarily in any order so make them work for you.

>> I wasn’t motivated at my job.  It was simply a paycheck to hold me over until my online biz could bring me home.  I decided that I needed a way to look for the good things in it.  So, I wrote out 10 things that my job allowed me to do or have.  When I dreaded going back into work each day, I would pull that list out and I would remind myself how thankful I was for the opportunity. 

>> I changed the ringtone on my phone alarm.  That awful buzzing sound is enough to make me cringe just thinking about it.  Having to hear it each day was plain awful so I changed it to something that brought me more joy.  I actually have “It’s going to be a lovely day.” by SOUL System as my alarm sound still to this day.

>> I practice gratitude daily. This is something that I do all day long.  I think God for the things I have every single day.  It doesn’t matter how big or how small it is.  I give thanks for everything.  It’s amazing that when you practice gratitude that even the little things in life get better.

>> Visualize my day.  Often times I do this in the shower.  I let the water hit my back and allow my mind to wonder.  I think about all the good things that I want to happen today and then I set intentions to make them do so. 

>> After my shower and before getting dressed, I put a drop of Frankincense on the bottoms of each of my feet. 

Frankincense is great for enhancing your mood among many other things.  In fact, I not only use just Frankincense but I’ll use various other oils throughout the day in my diffuser or topically to keep my mood in good spirits. 

>> I look over my to do list and prioritize.  What really needs done today and by when?  What can be delegated to someone else?  What’s something that isn’t a priority at all but just busy work or me not setting boundaries when it comes to people, projects or time? 

Those are questions that I’ll ask to help me focus on the things that matter.  If something happens to not get done for that day, I give myself grace and move it to the next day.  Life is finding YOUR balance.  You can make it work.

There you have 6 ways to makeover your mornings and find your motivation so that you can tackle your to do list.

Do you have a morning routine that helps you stay motivated each day not listed?  I would love to hear it.  Be sure to comment below.

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