7 Tips To Help You Get To Work On Time

By Laura Kelly-Pifer


Last week while I was in Los Angeles visiting my brother and sister in law, I had the privilege of watching their family getting ready for the morning.  Now, I must admit that it’s been a few years since I’ve had little ones.  My girls are now 15 and 12 so getting ready and out the door is a completely different experience than what my brother and sister and dealing with now.  But, it made me think back to some of the things that Bob and I did to get out the door to work and on time.  I’m going to share some of what we did with you.

1. Wake up before everyone else.  We chose to set our alarm clocks early and get moving before the rest of the house did.  This gave us time to have a cup of coffee, check the weather and even shower without someone peaking in or knocking at the door. 

2. Lay out clothes the night before.  Bob and I always had the girl’s clothes out the night before during the week.  In the morning, we weren’t scrambling to find tops that matched bottoms and so on.  It also alerted us to if we needed to put a load of laundry in that night.  We also did the same for us.

3. Always repack your diaper bag, bookbag and even your own work items after returning home. I know you’re tired and have a million things to do but by repacking the diaper bag the night before, you’ll be less likely to forget something or rushed in the morning to get it done.  Just like with doing laundry, if you’re out of something, you can get to the store that nights verses rushing there on the way to your childcare facility.

4. Keep a tote filled with necessities in the car. We always kept at least one set of extra clothes for the girls.  Between spit up and spilling things, having an extra set on hand, saved us.  We also had wipes, sunscreen, extra diapers and so forth.  Had Shakeology been invented at that time, it would have saved many a day for me!

5. Have a set place for shoes.  Since our girls were little, they have known that when they come into the house, their shoes go in a basket by the door.  As they have gotten older, they moved to their own closets.  We started this because Bailey would lose her shoes in the house.  And, being little and not really able to talk well, we spent more time looking for them than we should have.

6.  Get the kids up early enough. Whatever amount of time you think you need to wake the kids up to allow them to be ready on time, add 15 minutes to it. Spills, temper tantrums, you name it can happen.  It’s better to be ready than not.

7. Prepare lunches the night before.  Not everything can be packed yet you can have ready what can be.  Then, you’ll wake up the next morning and have a few less items to worry about.

Hopefully with these 7 tips, you’ll start arriving to work, once again on time.

Moms and Dads, what other tips do you have to help a new mom or dad who is struggling with their morning routine?

Wishing you good health!


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