An Attitude Adjustment

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

Gratitude.  Webster’s Dictionary defines gratitude as the state of being grateful.

Last fall I pledged to myself that I would show gratitude every day.   I would be thankful for the things that I had and the opportunities and experiences that I was given.  And, I would wake up and go to bed, thanking God for all of my blessings.  I decided to give myself an attitude adjustment.

Thru this journey, I think I’ve done a fair job of showing gratitude and even while I slip from time to time, I’ve now become to recognize my thought process and how it shifts when I don’t.

When I don’t express gratitude, I can see myself turning back into the cranky gal that I once was.  I’ve worked long and hard to change that.  I truly believe that changing the way that I looked and said things have helped me physically feel better, lose weight and so much more.

Earlier this week though, I caught myself slipping.

It was the coldest day in decades and my girls were home from school.  We were having such a good day and work was going extremely well when I received a phone call out of the blue. 

The call was of a sensitive nature and one that could have easily put me in a bad mood.  Then Bob, my husband, arrived home from work and our garage door broke.  (His truck is now stuck inside the garage until we can get it fixed.)  Next, the handle for the faucet in the bathroom broke.  All of a sudden, all these little things started popping up out of the blue and I found myself complaining about them all instead of showing gratitude.

I had to remind myself that there was something to be thankful in each of these events.

I decided to look at the call as an opportunity to speak to a loved one who I hadn’t talked to in ages. 

I chose to be thankful for the garage that covered our vehicles and that we had another vehicle to use. 

And I was grateful for having water that came out of my faucet, even if the handle was broke.

One of the easiest things to do in life is to complain.  Challenge yourself not to, just as I’m doing.  Instead, let’s choose to rise up and be more and show more gratitude.  When you change your attitude, it can lead to changing your entire life.

With Love,


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