Dear friend,

It’s a beautiful Sunday…the snow is coming down, I’ve got Sammy, our oldest cat, snuggled in with me and and I’ve been reflecting in my journal.  I absolutely LOVE taking a few minutes to sit back and write down my thoughts.

It’s during these times that I tend to find that sometimes the things from my past is the culprit for why I am the way I am.  Not that all of those things are bad things though.  They have ALL shaped me into who I am today.  But, there was a time that I allowed others to influence my life or I made decisions based on what others would think.

It was when I decided to take ownership of my actions that my life began to change.

I decided to take responsibility for:

  • What I ate
  • If I worked out or not
  • Whether I stayed in a job I didn’t enjoy
  • Who I hung out with
  • My self-talk
  • My life

So what does that have to do with you?  Well, I’m here to tell you that you too, can be a leader of self.  You are worthy of living the life you desire. 

I will warn you though… it will take work and there will be sacrifices.  You must be brave and you must choose to persevere.  You must take responsibility for all your actions, both the good and the bad.

How can you become a Leader of Self:

1.   If you want to lose weight than take a look at what you’re eating.  Are you putting healthy foods into your body?  Are you exercising?  Do you need accountability and support? What steps do you need to take to lose weight?

2.   If you’re working a job you hate, what steps do you need to take to find a job you love?  Do you need more training or education?  Do you need help with a coach to determine what you want to do?

3.   You must remember that you and only you are responsible for the life you have. 

4.   You must BELIEVE in yourself, even when no one else does.

5.   You must not give up on your dreams.  Every step you take towards becoming a leader of self is worth it.

I believe in you and know how different your life can be when you choose to become a leader of self.  Even if you’ve made mistakes like I have, you can turn your life around.  Imagine what one-year will look like from now.  The journey is pretty amazing! 

With Love,


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