A few weeks ago on Twitter, I had tweeted a question and got a few replies back. I had asked “What is your best beauty secret?” There were a few that I had heard of and then some not so common ones too. It ranged from over the counter lotions and creams to using toothpaste and hemorrhoid cream for quick fixes. Some of these I had tried and others not. Out of all of the replies though, there was one that really stood out. This beauty secret took no time and was free. There was very little effort needed and could be used by anyone, young or old. Want to know what it was…..a smile! A smile to brighten your day. A smile to brighten another persons. When a person smiles, it makes all the difference in their appearance. I’m not telling you to go out with a permanent smile on your face but take a moment when you are out today and smile at someone. It’s the best wrinkle cream, anti-aging product or thing that you can do.

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