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So you’ve hit a weight loss plateau and aren’t sure what to do next.  You’re at a loss.  You’re eating healthy and exercising so why isn’t the coming off!?!

Let me first say this….plateaus happen and are very common.  Don’t get discouraged because you can move past them.  They are our bodies way of adjusting to the exercise that we’re doing and the lower calories that we’re consuming.

I want you to know that You can break thru a plateau.

Here are two tips that you can implement if you feel like you’re stuck.

Vary your exercise.  Often times our bodies become acclimated to the workouts we do.  Mix things up so that its always guessing,  For example, if you only walk and then do strength training, change your walk to a jog.  A more intense and different workout can be just the thing needed to push you into your next weight loss phase.

Watch what you eat.  Are you really tracking everything you consume and are you drinking enough water?  Are you watching things like your sodium and sugar intake?  Are you eating your macronutrients (carbs, fats and proteins) as outlined in your meal plan?  Little things like these can add up.  Go back to tracking if you haven’t been and see where you might need to make adjustments.

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It would be my honor to serve you!

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