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How YOU can become a Healthy Cook


I confess! I LOVE cooking.

It’s become a process that gives me great joy.   I treasure the comments and watching the facial expressions that I get from friends and family as their enjoying one of my meals.

But I didn’t always want to cook. It took time, patience and a little one-on-one help for me to change my mind.

Today, I thought I might share with you some of my kitchen secrets and share how you can become a healthy cook too.

  1. Plan your meals. This one tip alone has saved my family money each week as well as kept our meals healthy. There’s no more guessing. Every Sunday, I sit down and ask for suggestions from Bob, my hubby, and my girls, and then I post our menu for everyone to see.   When you have a plan in place, you tend to stay on track. Yes, it can be as simple as that.
  2. Cook extra protein. Let’s be honest here. Most folks don’t have time to cook a chicken breast or other form of protein during their lunch. Here’s where leftovers ROCK! If I’ve got my grill on, I’ll throw on a few chicken breasts so that I have chicken for lunch a few times during the week. I can make salads, stir fry’s or just add a side of veggies. Again, saving money, eating healthy and freeing up my time.
  3. Change your cooking method.   When I first started preparing meals for my family, I served a TON of processed and fried food. Eventually, I ditched the deep fryer and boxed foods for healthier, better tasting versions. I like to grill, broil, steam or bake instead now.
  4. Try something new each week. As we were making the transition to a healthier lifestyle, we tried one new food each week.   This made things run more smoothly as we adapted to these changes. Sometimes too much change at once can be too much so baby steps tend to work well. I’ve even done this recently as I’m transitioning Bob and the girls from iceberg lettuce to eating kale, spinach and other leafy greens.
  5. Experiment and have fun. One of the things about cooking that I enjoy most is experimenting and having fun. I’ll include my girls when I can and we allow ourselves to be creative. Some of the best memories I have with them are in the kitchen.
  6. It’s okay to use frozen fruits and veggies. I like to stock my freezer with frozen fruits and veggies. Because of where I’m located, I don’t always have access to fresh. In the summer, I can easily freeze items for use later.   These items are great as sides or added to other dishes to give you a more balanced meal.
  7. Change your flavoring. You don’t have to have tasteless diet food. Fresh herbs, 100% juices, broths, etc. can really jazz up a meal. You won’t even notice that you’re not eating a boxed meal because the flavor with is so amazing!

In what ways have you made healthy changes? Do share. Our community members are always looking for ways to transition into a healthier lifestyle. Comment back and let us know.

With Love,


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