I was on my way in this morning and caught the glimpse of the sun shining brightly in the sky and ya know what!?!  After a few days of off and on again rain and the cold weather coming in, it made me happy.

Yeah, I know that’s not much to celebrate but I have to tell you that more than ever, I look for little things like that to get me through my day.

In an ever changing world where there is so much drama and conflict, people suffering and in need of so many things, the simple rays of sunshine can brighten up anyone’s day. It doesn’t necessarily solve problems but little things like this can help us when we need it.

I now more than ever in my life, look for various things that make me happy and journal at least 10 new things every day.

That used to be SO hard for me.  It was the same running list…family, friends, my job, my clients….that sort of thing.

And then, one day, one of my mentors challenged me.  Write 10 new things each day.  How the heck was that supposed to happen?

But I did and I found 10 new things each day.

I keep a running list on my phone because as the day progresses, I might need that reminder that there are still good and happy things that are going on even in the midst of some terrible things that are going on all over.

Some things that I’ve written down the past few days are:

  • Seeing one of my daughters help an injured teammate
  • Getting some unexpected free time
  • Talking to my hubby about retirement
  • An unexpected facetime from my other daughter
  • My sister calling to check in
  • My husband’s excitement at kicking a keg at his favorite brewery
  • Unexpected income coming in
  • Having confidence to ask for what I want and allowing God to determine the path
  • Having a lazy day with my pups
  • Content creation for some new programs I’m working on

As you can see from the above, those aren’t crazy big things but they are things to give thanks for.  Often times, we forget that these things help provide us happiness and joy.  Again, they don’t solve world problems or even some of the stuff we are facing but they can add some bright spots into your day.

So today, I challenge you to start jotting down 10 things you’re happy for and then share with me by hitting reply on this email.  I can’t wait to see your list!

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With Love,


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