By Kathy Smith

Keeping a daily journal is important to reaching any fitness and health goal, and in my new program—Project: YOU™—participants track their hunger and satiety levels before and after each meal as part of their journaling. This helps them become more and more in tune with their body’s cues. Are you famished? Are you content and comfortable? Or are you overly full and uncomfortable? Recognizing when you’re satisfied is imperative to weight loss. If you’re still hungry after a meal, it could mean several things:

1. Your body hasn’t registered it’s full yet.

2. You’ve eaten too quickly.

3. You’re dehydrated.

4. You’re shortchanging one of your food groups.

5. You’re PMS-ing.

6. You’ve been skipping meals, or are not eating enough at each meal.

Log the contents of your meals and your hunger ratings before and after you’ve eaten. By reviewing your entries, you can help identify your eating and hunger patterns, improve your habits . . . and enjoy better results!

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