by:   Joseph Emanuele

INSANITY!  So aptly named.  This program WILL melt fat off your body and get you into awesome shape in 63 days.  All you need is about an hour a day and your body.  No weights.  No apparatuses.  Just YOU!

I just finished week 9 (day 63) of Insanity on March 15th, 2010.  My body is leaner, more tone, quicker, stronger, and more powerful.  I lost 1½ pounds, 1¼ inches from my waist, and went from 15% to 11% body fat.  I didn’t lose that much weight, but where I lost fat, I gained muscle.  I haven’t felt this good since I graduated from college in ‘99.

Insanity has taught me to eat “cleaner.”  I can honestly say, I’ve never ate better in my entire life.  The diet guide tells you exactly what to eat.  Instructing you to eat five, small, well balanced meals throughout the day.  The recipes are easy to follow and quick to make.  I actually learned a little about cooking during Insanity.  I also learned to shop smarter and save money from eating out. 

So, for me, Insanity not only got me into great shape, it shaped my life in other areas as well.  I used to have problems with my hip flexors and lower back from standing at work all day.  My hip flexors are now more flexible and my core is stronger.  Those sore spots are practically gone.  I have plantar fasciitis and wear custom arch supports every day.  Insanity demands a lot of jumping exercises which strengthen your arch.  I stopped using my arch supports (during the workouts) 2 weeks into the program.

Insanity is not for beginners.  You should be in some sort of “shape” before starting it.  I would recommend P90X to get you Insanity ready.  The plyometics workout in P90X is peanuts compared to what Shaun T has for you.  P90X plyo is still awesome though.  But one might ask, “What’s the difference between P90X and Insanity?”  P90X uses Muscle Confusion while Insanity uses Max Interval Training for more cardio work.  Like I said before, Insanity uses your own body for resistance, while P90X requires weights, bands, pull-up bar, etc.  The only thing you might need is a workout mat.  You will build muscle with Insanity, especially in your core.  Max Interval Training is a technique Shaun T developed to push your body to the limits.  He gives you just 30 seconds to rest in between intervals.  Just when you think you can’t do any more, Shaun T pushes you to your limit.  He tells you to tighten your core on just about every move, including push-ups.  I definitely made some gains on my core.

Speaking of gains, Insanity begins with a “Fit Test.”  You do 8 of Shaun T’s signature Insanity moves for one minute and count the reps.  The moves are as follows, including my results:

1.) Switch Kicks: Day 1 = 125…Day 63 = 133
2.) Power Jacks: Day 1 = 50…..Day 63 = 58
3.) Power Knees: Day 1 = 99…..Day 63 = 124
4.) Power Jumps: Day 1 = 49…..Day 63 = 89
5.) Globe Jumps: Day 1 = 11…..Day 63 = 14¾
6.) Suicide Jumps: Day 1 = 20…..Day 63 = 25
7.) Push-up Jacks: Day 1 = 31…..Day 63 = 53
8.) Low Plank Oblique: Day 1 = 65…Day 63 = 126

     Regarding these moves, you’ll find there are some you’re good at (for me it was the switch kicks.) And others you’re not so good at (everything else.) Switch Kicks are the first move, so you’re energy level is high. By the time you get to Suicide Jumps, your legs are begging for mercy. The last two test your chest and core the most.

      Insanity is no joke.  The infomercials you may see online and on TV are not lying.  But I must inform you that with out a proper diet and rest, one will not see optimal results.  Don’t forget to drink your recovery drink after every workout.  And always consult a doctor before starting any fitness program.

So what’s after Insanity?  For me it’s an Insanity/P90X hybrid program.  I’m going to integrate the best of both programs into one super workout.  If you want to know more about that, contact me.  

Click here for a video of me doing a mile sprint after finishing Insanity.

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