“Downsizers” Inner Circle



It takes 21 Days to Make or Break a Habit. 
Are you ready?

Over the last 5 years, I have worked with hundreds of folks, helping them drop extra pounds and learning to live healthy while feeling better, having more energy and more, in a way that fits THEIR lifestyle.   Now it’s YOUR turn!  This isn’t a one size fits all approach.  You and I will work together to make these changes last a life time and to fit YOU.  If you’re ready to lose weight or just want to learn to live healthier than this is your chance….if I can do this, you can too!



 There will be:

  • NO Expensive Gym Memberships or Contracts.
  • NO Embarrassing Classes.  You do this in the comfort of your own home.
  • NO Boring Diet Food.  You’ll enjoy foods that taste good and that your whole family will like.
  • NO Leaving Home or Getting Up Early.  You’re free to workout when it fits your schedule.

To be a part of our Inner Circle, you will:

  • Commit to following The 21 Day Fix Program for 21 days.
  • Drink Shakeology – a premium, healthy meal replacement– once a day for 21 days.
  • Be added and ask to engage in a secret Facebook group reporting workouts & food for 21 days.
  • Be willing to be honest with me.  I want to know what’s going on so that you get the best results.

Proper nutrition + exercise + support = success. 

This is a proven and simple formula, and those who commit are more likely to finish and GET THE ABSOLUTE BEST RESULTS!

Beautiful girl thinking what to dress in walk-in closetThis group is for you if:

  • You lack motivation.
  • You have weight to lose.
  • You are low-energy.
  • You are unfit and unfocused.
  • You feel stuck or in a rut.
  • You need a positive force in your life.
  • You lack balance in your life.
  • You need accountability.
  • You are ready to make 2015 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER, but are not really sure how to do it.

What Others Are Saying About Laura…

“Laura is a go-getter and a true inspiration by “walking her talk”!!!” – Wendy W.

“Laura is very enthusiastic and always offering excellent advice, new ideas and products.” – Lisa S.

“Laura has been a motivation to me personally and professionally. I met Laura when I was trying to get back into shape and she introduced me to BeachBody products. She has also helped me by offering great advice in marketing my own business. She is truly an inspiration; always positive and willing to listen when you need her help. I hope to continue to work with Laura and hope that I can be a benefit to others as she has.” – Tammy D.

“Laura is always on top of things with Beach Body. She has made a commitment to improve her own health and share that knowledge with others. I am always inspired by the progress and dedication Laura projects.” – Ann L.

“Thank YOU for providing strong #education #motivation & #leadership every day for so many!” – Geoff H.


Joining My Inner Circle is Easy.

Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours with more information.  Applications are accepted until January 5, 2015 and we begin on Monday, January 12, 2015. *Cost depends on whether you need a program, Shakeology, or both. Info will be in initial email.