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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.”

–Henry David Thoreau   

Hey there Beautiful Soul,

My name is Laura Kelly-Pifer and I’m a Life Coach.  My specialty is helping women who are stressed, overwhelmed, tired and burnt out find solutions and uncover the things that are holding them back from having the life they desire. We work together to push through any fear that comes with making changes and putting oneself out there.  Through our sessions, my clients end up being able to turn their lives around so that they can once again LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE and THRIVE.

I know. You’re probably thinking it’s easier said than done, right?  I get it.  I once felt that way too.

I was struggling….like BIG time.  I was unhappy in my job, I had hardly any social life, my relationship with my husband was stale…we were two passing ships in the night and I felt so alone and so underappreciated.  I was trying to juggle EVERYTHING on my own and that was  just half of it.  I had chronic pain conditions, the past that I hadn’t dealt with yet…sexual, physical and mental abuse that I grew up with, the miscarriages that occurred and the guilt associated with all of that…all of these help cause me to go into a state of depression.  I felt like a complete and total failure.  I knew I wasn’t serving my higher purpose but didn’t know how to change things.

And then one day, I woke up and decided that if I wanted life to be different, it was up to me to change it.  No one else could do it and they couldn’t do it for me.

I decided to invest in me.  I hired a coach who worked with me to help me figure out what I wanted.  I started a business and made five figures allowing me to QUIT the job I wanted out of.  I became the kind of mom and wife I wanted to be.  I met some AMAZING friends who became like sisters to me but more importantly…  the depression was lifted and I felt good about where I was in my life.  FINALLY!!!!!!  I am no longer stressed, overwhelmed, tired and burnt out because I know that I have options and I am happier than I have ever been!

Here’s the thing.  Life is too short to live half-lived.  Imagine what life could look like if you no longer were tired, frustrated, unfulfilled or stuck.  You’d be UNSTOPPABLE, living YOUR dream life.

I’ve found in my work as a coach and in my own experience of being coached, that usually what limits us from our true potential, is the insecurities, the doubts, the limiting beliefs and lies that other people have fed us over and over again. From the time we are born and until the time that we pass, the people, places and things around us have and will impact our life.  Some good and some not so good.  The foods we eat, the ways that we think and speak to ourselves and even people we associate with can influence and make us into who we are.

Please know that this “stuff” is NOT your fault.  Blaming yourself for all of this is not healthy and it’s counterproductive.  You will learn how to let it go.

Does any of these sound familiar?

  • Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed?
  • Are you looking for answers in life?
  • Do you want more direction?
  • Are you tired of not being able to say No?
  • Have you lost your job and not sure what to do next?
  • Do you want to free yourself of guilt?
  • Do you want to release resentment from previous relationships and finally be free and filled with love?
  • Do you want to find balance in your life?
  • Do you want more confidence and to feel empowered?

If you’re tired of feeling this way, than it’s time to make a change.  The cost of continuing to live this way is just too high.  I’m proof that you can turn your life around and live life on YOUR terms. If all of this is possible for me, than it is possible for you.

My program is PERFECT for you if…

  • Your tired of living someone else’s life.
  • You tired of feeling guilty and ready to live the life that you’ve been dreaming about.
  • You’re open to learning new things and ready to grow.
  • You’re ready to be the best version of you.
  • You’re tired of feeling lost.
  • You want to learn better ways of doing things.
My program is NOT for you if…
  • You want to blame other people and things for why your life is the way it is.
  • You want to continue feeling resentful towards those that have hurt you.
  • You’re too afraid to take action.
  • You’re not willing to acknowledge, accept, and work through the things in life you’ve experienced.
  • You want me to tell you exactly what I think you should do with your life.

Are you ready to create a life that you love?

I’m here to help you.  By working together over skype, email support, assigning various “homework” exercises and or meditation, we’ll get to the root of what’s really going on.  All that I ask is that you BELIEVE in yourself and do your best!  It’s there within you.

 What you can expect during a coaching session:

  • Weekly 60-minute coaching sessions with me via Skype.
  • E-mails of worksheets, exercises, and activities that I feel will benefit you after the call.
  • E-mail support Monday through Friday.

This coaching program, which includes six 60-minute sessions, will enable you to understand who you truly are, determine who you want to become, recognize what holds you back, and learn the steps necessary to put new, practical habits into action.

.I’m looking forward to our time together!

With Love,



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