Cold & Flu Season Cider

By: Laura Kelly-Pifer

Typically you would think that if you were to get the Cold and Flu that it would be during the cold and winter months but the Flu bug, thrives all year around.  And, even with those who have been immunized with Flu vaccines,sometimes we still get sick.

So, the only thing that we can do is make ourselves comfortable since there isn’t a complete cure all.  Lots of rest, plenty of fluids and some of this……An all natural Cold and Flu Season Cider. 

Cold & Flu Season Cider

8-10 oz. filtered or spring water
1/8 teaspoon organic cinnamon
1 teaspoon organic, unfiltered & unheated honey (Like Really Raw Honey)
1 tbsp organic, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (Like Bragg’s)

Bring 8 oz. water to a boil. While the water is heating up, measure out the honey, cinnamon, and cider vinegar into a cup. Pour freshly boiled water into cup, and stir well. You can drink this multiple times a day if you want.  Enjoy!

Be sure to print out the recipe and save for next time you’re feeling under the weather.  I hope that it will make you feel better, just like it has me and my family.

With Love,


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