Curvy Girl Boot Camp

Curvy Girl Boot CampIf you’ve been hiding underneath a layer of clothing while everyone else is sporting cute clothes, listen up.


It’s time to fall in love with the body you have by transforming it, inside out.  It’s YOUR time to shine!

What is the Curvy Girl Boot Camp?

It’s 30 days of learning to love your body thru healthy eating, fitness, being part of a supportive community and one on one support.  When you do the work, you’ll see the results.

Here’s what you can expect.

=> A custom meal plan where you can eat the foods you enjoy to help you reach your goals and perform at your best.

=> An exercise program that you can stream live or play on DVD, mix and match and customize to fit your unique goals.

=> You’ll learn how to make time for you so that you become the BEST version of who you want to be.

=> A loving, supportive and caring community with other Curvy Girls and weekly “coffee talk” via video.

=> One on one interaction with me, your coach.

Ready to learn more?  Email me at or send me a facebook message.