Today starts our 20 day Challenge and I have to tell ya, I am a little excited. Over the last few weeks, I have been adjusting to the girl’s new school/extracurricular schedule. With all of this, my meal planning and workout schedule hasn’t been as efficient as what I would have liked. This challenge is forcing me to reevaluate what I’ve being doing these last few weeks and get back to what has worked well for me in the past….clean eating and a consistent workout schedule.

I like the idea of getting back to the basics. Our bodies don’t need the processed junk that we feed it. Before Beachbody, I thought it was okay to eat whatever I wanted as long as I stayed within my daily meal plan range. I’m not saying that you can’t eat what you want but you should be eating clean. Meaning that you should limit your processed foods, chose leaner cuts of meats and opt for fresh veggies and fruits. Most of know to do this, we just chose not to do it. Why not start!?

I thought I would share with you some great tips from my friend Heather over at The Mogul Mom. Heather’s post gives a great meal planning tip as well as other time saving and money saving tips. Be sure to check it out. I especially like the grocery shopping list idea and the 30 meals ideas that are on written on note cards so that you always have a dinner idea. This will come in handy for my household!

If you are reading this and want to start the 20 day challenge with me, be sure to check out it out. Join in if you want. It might just be the change you need!

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