Do you have the right mindset?

By Laura Kelly-Pifer


As I’m sitting here writing today’s post, I am reminded of how AMAZING life can be.  I’m writing this at the kitchen table in Bullhead, Arizona on a family vacation.  My niece, Olivia is singing in the background to my youngest daughter Morgan and it’s absolutely beautiful along the Colorado River.

We spent the day boating, hanging by the pool and catching up with my brother and sister in law.  And, I got to meet my new niece, Ruby.  She even has red hair like me!  Do you think we look alike?

With that being said, little did I know that 3 years ago I would make one change that would impact my life in many, many ways and allow me the opportunities that I am able to experience each and every day.

What was it?  Deciding to help others with their fitness and health goals by “paying it forward” and committing to better health for myself and that of my family.  While working with others, I learned that there was something missing though.  Keep reading below to find out what that was.

As someone who has struggled with weight gain from having babies, settling down, being a busy mom as well as suffering from several chronic pain conditions, I know how difficult it can be to live a healthy life and find time for exercise while trying to work, manage a home and be there for everyone.  I’ve had to learn through trial and error what works for my body and how I could lose weight while eliminating ALL of my medications.

And, I have something to share with you…for the first time since becoming a Health & Fitness Coach I was able to workout PAIN FREE at our annual Beachbody Conference.

If you’ve been following my journey, you’ve seen the highs and lows I’ve experienced.  It’s taken me 8 years to get to this point in which I feel good.  It’s been an absolutely crazy journey and one that I hope that I never have to endure again.  In the past, even with medication, I still had pain.  It was difficult to workout and some days, even get out of bed without it taking hours.  But, by experimenting with food and fitness and changing my attitude, I was able to gradually get closer and closer to my weight loss goal and become pain free.  So my question to you is….Do you have the right attitude?  That was the missing component for me for so many years!

What I’ve learned in my journey is that without the right attitude, long-term success may not be reached.  When you think positive about the changes that you are making, your confidence builds and your goals then begin to become reality.  If you think that you are a fat, unhappy person than that may really happen.  But, if you turn that around and think of yourself as a healthy, happy person you then become that.

Change your mindset with the belief that ALL good things are possible and watch your goals become reality.  YOU CAN DO THIS!


Laura Kelly-Pifer is a Fitness Coach who strives to help others by giving hope and support to those that are dissatisfied with their current situation. Whether you are lacking physically, emotionally, financially, or nutritionally she is here to help you see REAL RESULTS!







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