This weekend, I decided to try on my “goal” jeans.  It had been a while since the last time I had done so.  I had hit a plateau and now since my Rheumatoid Arthritis medicine has been changed, I’m seeing the scale begin to move.  I wanted to see if it were even possible to slip into them.  SURPRISE!!!  I could get them up, over my thighs and could almost button and zip them up.

Now, I have to tell you that I posted this on Facebook.  Hey, what can I say….I’m EXCITED!  And, I had a comment about what size I am.  This got me to think.  What size am I?  I have no clue!  I looked at my goal jeans and then I looked at the jeans that I wear now and low and behold, my goal jeans are actually a larger size than what I wear.  Since I have jeans in all sizes, I decided to do a little test.

I started trying them on, compared the cuts, etc. and found that even though the size on the label differed, that the jeans were almost the same.  So, does size really matter?  To me, it doesn’t.  I tend to go with how I look and feel.   I want to be toned and have the ability to be active.  Would I like to be in a specific size?  Sure but honestly, after my test, I’m not sure if I would be in not. 😛

So now, it’s time to start thinking about what my next goal jeans will be.  Headed out to the mall this week to pick them out.  Let’s DO this!



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