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By Laura Kelly-Pifer

It’s 5:30 and you’re still at work.  The kids need picked up yet from daycare and by the time you get home and get them settled, it will easily be 7 pm.  Oh, and you haven’t even started dinner.  Many a night, this was the case for me.  And, there were times that it was much easier pulling into a drive thru and letting someone else cook our meal.  So, in a quest to keep on track with my weight loss goals, there were some things that I did that kept me on course when we did decide to eat out, and that I still do even to this day.

Here are 5 suggestions to eat right while on the run.

1.  Download a calorie counting app.  I use and can look up the nutritional information for the food I’m considering.  It also serves as my food journal so that I can track my meals and exercise.  Sometimes, a veggie dish can be 500 or more calories depending on the sauces used where as a grilled chicken sandwich with a side salad can be approximately 300 calories. 

2. Look beyond the main menu.  The Kid’s menus or Senior’s menus often have smaller sizes of meals from the main menu which equate to less calories and at a lower price too.  Also, there are some places, Panera Bread, for example, that has a hidden menu which contains healthier fare to pick from.  All you have to do is ask them to get the scoop.

3. Go skinny dipping.  I LOVE ranch and honey mustard but unfortunately those little packets can be 50-60 calories each.  Instead, I’ll ask for a packet of low fat Italian dressing.  If I’m having fries, a 10 calorie packet of ketchup works just as well.  If I choose to have the higher calorie dressings, I just make sure I have enough calories that I can spend without going over my calorie range for the day.

4. Breakfast for dinner.  Lots of places have breakfast on the menu all day.  An egg white bow loaded with veggies, scramble, omlet or wrap is good any time of day in my book.

5. Think about it!  I know how it is when you’re hungry and you see the menu and you think “This one time won’t hurt.”  But, if going through the drive thru is a regular thing for you, think about how much a burger and fries a few nights a week will add up too?  Is it worth it? 

I would enjoy hearing back as to how you stay on track when eating out.  Comment below to share.

With Love,


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