This last month has been really hard for me. On January 5th, I started ChaLEAN Extreme, with the hopes that I would be finishing it within 90 days. I had a week into the program and ended up injuring my upper back. Even though I was hurt, I still did some sort of physical activity that did not include my upper body and tried to eat clean. Next came bronchitis, basically taking away any motivation that I had. The clean eating went out the door. I ate just to satisfy the desire for food, not for fuel that my body would normally burn off.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have been thinking about how I can ensure that I stay on course. I am a visual person and like to see my progress. I log my meals most days into the computer yet, I still like to flip back and look at them the old fashioned way. I’ve purchased a notebook, to document my journey these next 90 days. You see, I am starting ChaLEAN Extreme all over again today. I want to see my meals, the weights and reps I completed, what I did and didn’t like about my day and also record my stress levels at both home and work. I am hoping that this will help keep me focused. I know that injury and sickness are things that you can not control but I want to give this program 100% of what I am capable of.

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