Good Night, Sleep Tight: 6 Tips To Help You Sleep Better!

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

*This article does contain affiliate links.  Anything that I share with you are the same things that I use in my home.

A body well rested performs better.  Period.  And, many studies have shown that when you aren’t resting properly, that it may affect your weight.  As someone who has suffered from lack of sleep myself, I’ve found a few “tricks” to help me rest better.  Today I want to share with you the same 6 simple tips I use to help you sleep better too.

Lavender Oil – I absolutely LOVE essential oils.  After being introduced to them approximately 2 years ago, they are a staple in our home.  Lavender oil is known for it’s calming affect.  You can try spritzing your pillow and sheets or you can also dilute it and apply directly to your skin.  Try dabbing it on your temples, wrists, and neck, where you will be sure to pick up the scent.  There are so many other ways to use oils too.  I share lots here on my blog so be sure to sign up for updates

Eliminate electronics – One of the BEST things I did was get rid of my alarm clock.  I was amazed at how much that little clock actually lite up our bedroom.  Once I removed it, I have slept so much better.  Now we use my iPhone in it’s place   It’s not illuminated so there isn’t any distraction.  The same goes for computers, DVD players, DVR players and any other electronics that might have a display of some sort.  Turn them off if they’re going to be in the same room that you sleep in.

Shut it down – I admit that I do have a television in my bedroom and I do enjoy reading before bed.  I’ve found though that my mind is still stimulated after watching a show or reading and I have a hard time shutting it down.   I’m one of those folks that is always thinking.  So, turn off your television and put away the book.  Find an activity that will help you unwind.

Guided Meditation – As I mentioned before, I have a hard time shutting down my brain.  I’m always thinking.  So, instead of staying up to read another Chapter or watch another ½ hour of television, I’m now using guided meditation to aid in getting to sleep.  I really enjoy it because there are no pills to take and it’s not a gimmick.  It’s about getting to the point of relaxation that will allow my entire body to rest.

Do you need to cool things down? Think about it.  If you’re hot, you’re uncomfortable.  The same goes for when you’re cold.  You have to have an ideal temperature to sleep in that works for you.  If need be, dress in layers or use a lighter or heavier blanket.  I know for me, heavy blankets, flannel sheets and comfy PJ’s might sound like a great combo but it’s not.  It’s way too hot.

Are you TOO active?  If you’re working out at night, that might be the culprit.  Experiment and see if a better time works for you.  Exercise at night might boost your energy and make you wired.

Write it down.  Take time to write out whats going on.  Maybe the answer lies in keeping a log or track.  Could it be because you’ve had some crazy days, maybe anxiety, maybe even food.  This is the journal I like to use.

I hope that once you begin incorporating these simple tips that you’ll begin to sleep so much better.  Good Night, Sleep Tight!

With Love,


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