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Pre-lesson notice: If you have fallen off the wagon, don’t worry. Just pick yourself up and start over again. Your coach and the whole Beachbody community are here to support you! You can do it, we are here for you!

Lesson 6: Learn From Success
Success story #1 – Courtney M.

It is said that the easiest way to be succeed, in weight-loss or in life, is simply to find successful people and do what they do!

Today you’ll meet an inspiring woman named Courtney. Her story is incredible. It shows that determination and a powerful WHY can help you make big changes to your health in an amazingly short period of time!

This is an excerpt from a recent email from her:

I am passionate about BB as I have lost 30lbs in 3 months and also have lowered my blood pressure drastically so I don’t have to take the 3 medications that I was taking before I started this journey anymore. I know that there programs work and I want to share that with everyone.

I wanted to learn more, so I called her. What I learned blew me away.

Courtney is a 30 year old single mom taking care of a beautiful 3 year old boy. Taking care of her son is the most important thing in her life. “He has truly shown me what is important in life and gave me the faith to dream again.”

Several months ago, Courtney went to her doctor because she was having severe, debilitating headaches. The headaches would literally disable her for days on end! While normal blood pressure is 120/80, the doctor found Courtney’s blood pressure to be dangerously high at 170/120. He told her it was so high that a blood vessel in her brain could burst at any time. She needed to get it down. If she didn’t lose weight, he said, Courtney would not live to see her son’s sixth birthday!

Talk about a powerful WHY!

The doctor put Courtney on 3 different blood pressure meds. Courtney knew her life had to change.

“Team Beachbody saved my life!”

Courtney tells the her story, “A friend told me about Slim In 6 and then I happened to see an infomercial. I ordered immediately. I figured ‘Hey if she is doing this why not? I have to do something so I might as well start here.’ I was uncomfortable going to a gym as I didn’t want people staring at the ‘fat girl’ so to speak. I started the program as soon as it came in the mail, which didn’t take long.”

It wasn’t easy for her at first. “It took some getting used to when you are used to doing nothing but sitting on your butt on the couch. The eating was the hard part and still is to be honest. I remember having McDonald’s withdrawals. I was strict with myself though and before I knew it I couldn’t stand the smell of it just driving by.”

She continues, “When I started this journey on August 11t I was 210lbs, very sedentary, and taking 3 blood pressure pills a day that were doing nothing for the problem. I completed Slim in 6 on September 22nd. I lost a total of 18 pounds and 12 inches in just 6 weeks!”

Courtney wasn’t done there. She was a woman on a mission! She then started Turbo Jam and lost another 15 pounds.

As she started moving, her blood pressure began to drop. Within 3 months Courtney had lost 33 pounds, and her blood pressure had dropped all the way back to normal. Not normal while taking three medications, mind you. I mean NORMAL normal. Her doc was able to take her off ALL three blood pressure medications. That bears repeating. Her doctor took her off all her medications!

“I went from severely high blood pressure and not knowing if I would see my three year old son grow up to normal blood pressure in 3 months. My doctor was in shock, as I am still!”

Because of her dedication backed by an incredible new sense of purpose- her WHY- Courtney’s entire life spun around in a remarkably short time. She not only changed her health, but her energy level, attitude, and whole outlook on life!

“To know that in three months time everything has changed is a miracle to me. I went from not being able to wrestle on the floor with my little man to him telling Momma to leave him alone! I am so excited that I can’t put words to what I am feeling.

It was a hard road and I still have problems with eating clean every day. I will be the first one to say that it’s not easy. I have so much energy and a passion to live life now that I want to share that with others and improve their quality of life also.”

Courtney’s Secrets to Success:

1. Use the Message boards. “I found the message boards when I first ordered Slim In 6….I hadn’t even received it yet. I found a group of girls that were very supportive and motivational. They helped me through the times when I wanted to give up and encouraged me that no matter how tired or sore I was to keep Bringing It”.

2. Play, Shake, and Share. “I make sure that on a daily basis I take my Activit Multi-Vitamin and have my Meal Replacement Shake. I love the chocolate! I also use Beachbody’s Whey Protein Powder when I am really sore after a workout. It seems to help with that muscle soreness and getting back to normal quickly.”

3. Take advantage of the Club tools. “I am a Beachbody Club member and love the benefits it gives. At any time I can go in and create a weekly meal plan and shopping list that are within my recommended calories which are tailored to my program of choice. I also love the Trainer Tips and Trainer Corners and chat rooms.”

I’ll close this lesson with a special note from Courtney to you:

With Team Beachbody you literally change your body, change your health, and change your life. If you stick with it your dreams will come true. And because of my own determination to see my little man grow up I can finally say I am in WONEDERLAND and financially free! The feeling is indescribable! I cant wait to see where this journey continue to takes me…and you!

Best wishes,
Courtney M.

Your homework:

1. Push play 6 times this week. Remember, a crummy workout is 1000 times better than no workout at all!

2. If you have not taken your 30-day progress pictures and measurements, do it this week.

Enjoy your week!
Keep Pushing Play.


Kevin Kane MD, and The Fit Doc LLC, are independent Beachbody coaches not employed by Beachbody. This e-course and all contents are for informational and motivational purposes only. This is not medical advice. Consult with your physician with medical questions and before starting this or any exercise program.

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