Today I embarked on something that I haven’t done in ages.  You’re at the edge of your seat, waiting aren’t you! 🙂

Growing up, my parents had a budget and for EVERYTHING.  They had to; there were four of us and one working parent.  My family though is a family of four and both my husband and I work so things are quite different. It’s not unusual to see us splurge on dining out and still eating healthy or tossing stuff in our grocery cart because it’s on sale or because we wanted it.  So, I created a budget for my grocery shopping.  I want to be TOTALLY debt free and this is one area that we need to cut back on.

So, I’ve made this my mission.  I’ll be grocery shopping on a budget.  And yes, I still want healthy, good for you clean eats.  I know this can be done.   I may have to be creative though and there may be some duplicate meals while I get this all figured out but that’s okay.  I want to do this and I want to be an example to my children.  So, I hope that you will join me on this journey.  I’ll be blogging about it and sharing some of my ideas.  YOUR tips and tricks will be greatly appreciated if you already have this down pat.

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