Halloween Tips or Tricks

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

Ah…Halloween.  It’s such a FUN time of year.  I absolutely adore looking at the kids in their cute little costumes this time of year.  When my girls were little, we would come home after a few hours loaded up with candy and then spread it across the table, each of us choosing what candies we liked best.  Anything we didn’t like, I would take with me to work and leave in our break room.  Someone would enjoy it, right!?!  But, there was still a TON left at home, and being an emotional eater, there were some days it didn’t take much to push me over the edge and I would grab my “stash.” Eventually I would have a dozen or so mini chocolate bar wrappers in front of me before I realized what I was doing.  It would last like this until the candy was gone.

So, in order to keep some kind of balance between enjoying Halloween and living healthy, I decided to implement these things into my life.  Not only do I do this for this time of year but other occasions as well.

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1. Buy Halloween candy October 30th. The less time candy is in the house, the fewer days that it’s there to be a temptation. 

2. Only buy your least favorite candy. If you don’t like it, you’re less likely to eat it.  Yep, it can be that simple.

3.  Stop at one full bag.  As a kid, I can remember that half the fun was seeing how full my pumpkin bag would get.  Once it was full, I would grab one of the grocery bags we brought along and fill it.  Instead of doing this with my children, we stop at one bag.  We’re still out there, having fun but not bringing as much candy home.

4. Eat a good lunch and a healthy dinner.  Think about it…when you’re hungry, you want to snack.  Snacking can be a good thing however, most of us aren’t carrying a healthy snack around with us while we Trick or Treat.  What happens is we resort to the candy that the kids have collected and then that affects our weight loss efforts.

5. Chew gum or suck on candy.   If you’re chewing gum or sucking on candy, you already have something you’re snacking on.  It’s a simple trick that can carry over into your life all year around.

6. Moderation is key.  And, that’s the truth about everything we do in life.  Make a decision of how much is too much and decide not to go there.  Once you have determined that amount, stick to it.

You’re now armed with a few action steps to have a Healthy Halloween.  Go out, have FUN and enjoy!

With Love,


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