Will YOU gain the average 7 lbs that the average American gains during this time? What is YOUR plan?  I’m here to tell you that YOU can stop this.

It’s easy to add up unnecessary calories when you’re traveling or just super busy.  For example, you’re traveling and your stomach starts rumbling.  If you haven’t created an action plan, it’s likely that you’ll pull over and stop for a bite to eat at less than healthy place.   You may end up feeling guilty for the rest of the day because of your slip.  I’m here to tell you, here to SHOUT TO YOU, that you CAN create a plan for your day.  It will make things easier to stay on track with your weight loss goals.

Some of my advice….Keep healthy snacks like fruit, veggies, Shakeology, trail mix, and granola with you.  If you’re delayed, you’ll have healthy snacks at your fingertips.  If you can, do a little research on where you’ll be and locate the restaurants nearby.  Most have nutritional values of items on their menu so you can plan even better.   Also, thermoses, coolers and water bottles are a great way investment so that you can pack meals with you. And,when you’re sitting down to eat that wonderfully prepared meal……you know the one that you’ve waited on having for so long, just eat till your almost full. You won’t even miss those second and third helpings.

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