Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve had some back pain. I took a look back at when it initially began to find the cause of this problem. A lot of it I know was stress induced. I also began a new work out program that may have aggravated what was already there. But I found out that the extra weight that I am carrying could be the cause too. Each day, I take two bags to work with me. My purse and then my work bag. I need my purse but I don’t need all of the junk that’s in it. While going through it, I found that I had duplicates of a lot of the items in there or what I even had at work. For example, lipsticks that were the same color, tons of pens, 3 mini notebooks, a box (yes, a whole box) of business cards and lots and lots of pennies. These were things that I didn’t necessarily need in multiple quantities. So, I removed the duplicates, found a business card holder for my cards and put all of my pennies in my change jar. As far as my work bag goes, I still need it but I too, removed things that I have in the office or could find online. It’s really helped me a lot removing the excess. Take a look at what you carry each day and see if you can find a way to remove the extra weight that you carry. Your body will thank you!

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