I’ll admit.  I haven’t been feeling my best the last few months.  It’s due to some health issues that honestly, I thought were related to my Fibromyalgia and Rheumotoid Arthritis.   I had ZERO clue that my diagnosis would be what it would and that the last few months would be a trial of my hope and faith.  You see, earlier this fall, I received news that one of the blood tests that I had performed registered three times higher than what it should be for a woman of my age.  Typically when it reads that high, it can mean that there is a rare tumor on the adrenals or the kidneys.  Really!?!  My husband was one year cancer free of kidney cancer.  What are the odds of me having a tumor too?  This TOTALLY stressed me out.

Thankfully, ultrasounds and blood work so far have indicated that there is no tumor that Doctors know of and I’ve learned recently that I may suffer from PCOS or PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome.  One in ten women have it and it has a variety of symptoms including fatigue, hair loss, irregular periods, weight gain, a high DHEA-S level and a whole bunch of other crazy stuff that totally makes sense now.  All the symptoms I’ve had since I was a teenage girl.

Anyways, once I started the testing, I had to put myself in a good place.  I’ve suffered from depression before and I wasn’t willing to go back to that.  I had to figure this out.  What was the best way?  Helping others and expressing gratitude.

Here’s some things I decided to do.  It doesn’t matter if your health is compromised or not, when you’re feeling down, these things can lift you up.

  1. Find a cause or a organization.  For me, a friend mentioned she was involved in the Marine Corps Reserves Toys for Tots.  Children are VERY near and dear to my heart and they were seeking out volunteers and I gladly accepted.  There are many organizations and causes that are in need of volunteers and can’t do it without our help.  Growing up near Camp LeJeune, a Marine Corps base, this felt like a little piece of home for me. Whatever you choose to do, pick one that suits your interests and ENJOY!!
  2. Write out a list of accomplishments. What have you accomplished so far?  Don’t dwell on those things that didn’t go well but things that did.  Remember, the focus is to be placed on all the AWESOME things you did accomplish.  You have them.  Jot them down.
  3. What are you grateful for?  Honestly, one of the BEST things to do each and every day is to write out a gratitude list and to give thanks for what you’re thankful for.  I know it doesn’t alway seem like much but truthfully, writing it out and giving thanks every single day can totally change your attitude.
  4. What are you excited for?  Thinking about the future and our goals and desires can certainly lift our spirits.  How do you want your life to look life?  Write it down and make a plan.  For me, the fatigue was extreme.  I was barely making it mid day without having a nap but I knew there was an answer for all of these things I was going thru. I could see myself feeling better, doing things with my family and getting my life back.  Again, focusing on hope and faith that it would work out.
  5. Surround yourself with positive people.  Honestly, this is probably my most favorite health/nutrition/fitness tip EVER!!!  Seriously, you are who you hang around.  If you’re around complainers, you’re gonna complain.  I did!  However, if you find yourself around positive people, you’ll find yourself giving thanks and being positive.

These are just some of the things that I’ve found to help me get out of this hump.  How about you?  What are some things that help you get thru a difficult time?  Share with us.  I would love to hear more and I know our community would as well.





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