How to map out your fitness goals

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

New Year is right around the corner and for many of us, it’s time to start thinking about our fitness/health goals in 2013.  I’m not the kind of person who likes to wait so I’ve decided to go and ahead and map out mine.  Have you ever tried doing this?  It’s quite simple and I’m going to share with you how I do mine.

1. What worked for me?  Were there things that helped me make progress?  This year, staying plugged in with my coach and support group was an asset.  I tried a few new things that kept me engaged when I wasn’t feeling my best and continued to drink my Shakeology.  I found new recipes to try and made all sorts of goodies that the whole family enjoyed too.  I used my treadmill more and I also decided to do the Ultimate Reset.  I learned how my body reacts to certain foods, reduced the amount of toxins in my body and found a strength in being able to complete the cleanse.

2.  What did not workWhat things prevented me from accomplishing something? Because of my plantar faciiatis and Chronic Pain conditions, I wasn’t able to complete some of the workout programs I had planned.  And, I didn’t act quickly enough to get some of it treated so I walked around in pain for a good part of the year.  It caused a really big set back in my health.  I also allowed myself to slip into some old habits of eating some less than healthy food causing me to gain a few pounds and noticed much more inflammation in my body. 

3. What do you want to accomplish next year?  My plan is to begin Ultimate Reset on January 2nd and mixing in walking on my treadmill and Tai Cheng.  Once I’ve completed the program, I’ll begin Les Mills Pump and continue to walk on my treadmill/outdoors.  At that point, I’ll evaluate my health to see if I can advance to a more intense program or stick with what I’ve been doing.  Ideally, I’d like to add Les Mills Combat in and do a hybrid with Pump.  My nutrition also needs to be modified.  I know that when I eat healthy, I feel better and my aches and pains are much fewer and far between.  With Ultimate Reset, I’ll rest and recharge my body and find out what foods trigger inflammation for me on an even deeper level.

4. What needs to happen?  Is there stuff I need to buy, places I need to go, groups I need to join, etc.?  This week, I need to order my Ultimate Reset kit. I’ll also need to make a grocery list closer to the time that I begin and join the facebook groups for Ultimate Reset so that I can stay engaged.  I’ve notified my coach and told my family so I’ll have more support.  And, my orthopedic inserts should be in within the next few weeks and I’ll keep drinking my Shakeology.  Lastly, I’ve scheduled a visit with my Rheumotologist so I’ll have a baseline of where I’m at in my health.  I already have the treadmill and Pump but will need to order Combat.

As you can see, my goal is to get better next year and get back on track with my fitness and getting to my goal weight.  Having Fibro, Rheumotoid Arthritis and plantar faciatis has taken its toll on my body this year.  I could have given up but I can’t allow myself to do that.  I know that even better health is right around the corner.  You’ll want to try this “exercise” and map out your own 2013.

I’m sending out a special invite for those of you that would like better health too, to join me in my Ultimate Reset journey.  You might be amazed at the amount of energy you have, how less bloated you are, how much better you feel and also drop a few pounds and inches in the process.  I’m running a special, private 21-Day Ultimate Reset Facebook Group starting January 2, 2013.   It’s a great way to ring in the New Year and kick-start those resolutions AND from now until Sunday, December 16, you can save $30 on the program!   You’ll have it delivered in time to start immediately after New Years with me. 

YES, I want to join Laura on the Ultimate Reset Journey!

Wishing you good health!

Laura Kelly-Pifer

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