How to tell that you’re overwhelmed and tackle it head on.

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

That feeling of too many things to do and not enough time?  Does it sound familiar?  Overwelmed is what we call it.  It can creep in sometimes when you least expect it and even when you fell like you’ve got things under control.

What may happen?  It might seem that everything is going well and you’ve got everything under control.  You’re making do with your day-to-day tasks and then Boom! another task has been added to your plate or something stressful happens and that feeling begins to hit you. 

Being overwhelmed is a normal part of human life.  We all experience, myself included.  However staying there though is not a good thing.  One thing I’ve learned is this… it’s totally up to us, each single person, to change with how we deal with it. Today, I want to share with you a few warning signs and then how I’ve chosen to deal with it and nip it in the bud before it takes over my life.

“Brain overload.” – Picture this…the kids are home from school, you just got home from work and are trying to make dinner.  While you’re cooking, others will come in and ask questions or tell you about the changes to their sports schedules.  Maybe there are some additional supplies that they have to have for school tomorrow.   There is no calendar in front of you, you’re still in your work clothes and there is laundry, soon to be dishes and homework yet to do.  That feeling of “brain overload” creeps in.  All these things that need done and it’s all up to you. 

I’ll be honest…I have had this happen a lot.  We’ve decided to delegate tasks here at home and each family member contributes.  The girls help with dinner a few nights per week as well as dishes and laundry.  And then, we use a family calendar for our schedule.   I’m also learning that not everything has to be “perfect” and I take a few minutes each day and do a few things so I don’t have a long list of things to do down the road.  These are just a few examples of the things we are doing in our home to make it easier for all of us.

“Total exhausation.” – This one can be tricky to recognize.  There’s a difference from being physically tired or from being overwhelmed.  Learning to recognize the difference between the two will help you stay on track.  If you truly are exhausted, get to bed earlier or schedule naps or periods of rest in if you need them.  Learn to listen to your body.  You might have seen me post online a few times that I’ve been able to snag a nap.  Some days, it’s sitting in my car waiting for the end of soccer or track practice and I’ll just close my eyes for a bit.  Other times, I’ve got no place to be and I’m ahead of my work schedule and I can take ½ hour and just veg. 

If you’re overwhelmed though, sometimes the best thing to do is simply pick one thing out of all that needs done and get it out of the way.  Keeping a to do list and a calendar helps keep me on track.  If it’s a big project I’m working on, I’ll break it down into steps, just like a recipe.

“ The Art of Resistance.” – So, you know those things that need done and you really have the time to do them but you don’t do them anyway?  Yep, that can be resistance.  I have a few things that I resist doing.  Sitting down to do my book keeping/accounting is one of those for me.  After working on the computer all week, I don’t want to sit back down in front of it.  I’m being totally honest when I say that.  However, I know it is an essential part of what has to be done as a business owner and so now I tackle a little of it each day.  As I get a receipt, I add it in.  No more waiting for a stack of them staring me in the face.  I no longer dread doing my book keeping because I’m simplified the process for me.

Learning to recognize the difference between the types of overwhelm and developing a system for dealing with them helps.  How do you deal with overwhelm?  Comment back.  Lets learn from one another.

Wishing you good health!Laura

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