My motivation to loose weight has fluctuated throughout the years. I always wanted it but not enough to work for it. I’ve tried all sorts of things to get thin quick. I’ve bought pills, detoxes and bought ridiculous stuff, spending lots of money and time on a bunch of junk that failed me.

A few years back, I contacted weight watchers at work and they started a program there for us. I learned so much about eating healthy but didn’t exercise. I would hit a plateau and would just change what I ate, hoping that more would come off. One day I finally realized that my problem had to do with my lack of exercise. For me, I could eat healthy but because I live such a sedentary life, the exercise gave me the little push to make the scale drop even more. As an added bonus, I haven’t felt this good in years.

If you are having trouble getting those last few pounds off or just starting, please be sure to incorporate exercise into your weight loss program. There are so many things out there that you can do. Find something that you enjoy so that it doesn’t feel like work. If you start out and find that you can only do a little, that is okay! Do what you can and gradually increase it. You can do it and I have faith in you!

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