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Life sure can be interesting, can’t it!?!

This past week, my family I headed home to North Carolina for the week. Little did we know that at the time of us scheduling and paying for our trip at the beginning of this year that a Hurricane would hit. It’s name…Arthur.

In 15 years of going home every year for a week during the summer, this is the first Hurricane that we’ve had. We didn’t purchase the travel insurance because well…we never had needed it.

I must admit that I am VERY thankful that it wasn’t worse and that damage wasn’t as severe as what it could have been.

As I was watching the storm come in, I couldn’t help but have an aha moment. Do you ever get those? I get them when I least expect it and this was definitely one of those moments.

Here’s my aha moment.

I HAVE to have a support group and a Coach in place if I want to meet goals. Period! Trying to do it alone doesn’t work for me and even coaches need coaches. I cannot continue to put myself last.

You see, I have a pretty aggressive health goal. One is this…I would like to lose 30 pounds.

It’s not because I want to wear a bikini and not be embarrassed (although that would be nice) or to fit into clothes I wore before my girls were born. It’s to feel even better and to be at a healthy weight.

I’ve noticed over the last few months, since hitting a plateau, that my body hurts more and more from the extra weight that my bones are forced to carry.   And that’s not fair. I expect my body to last a long lifetime and I need to treat it right. It’s the only one I’ll ever have.

Why is that you might ask? In all honesty, I’ve been putting myself last. I’ve allowed everyone else to come first and haven’t made myself a priority. It’s easy to do when you’re a mom.

So, I’ve reached out to my Coach as well as decided to get group support and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve already lost 20 pounds this way in the past and know that it works. Now it’s time to finally reach goal.

Today I’m publicly announcing my action plan and asking you to help hold me accountable. (I’ll do the same for you if you would like.)

My weekly goal is to eat healthy 90% of the time and to workout 5 days per week as well as giving my body the supplements it needs to perform at it’s best. I’ll be wearing my fitbit as well as recording my meals and workouts in my journal. I’ll be incorporating a variety of physical activities that I enjoy doing to keep me motivated. I’ll be walking, picking some DVD’s from my library and enrolling in class. I’ve even asked my family to join me when I go.

That’s my aha moment in a nutshell and my commitment to myself. I pledge to take care of me. I am worth it.

With Love,


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