Last week, I was reading an article in the latest edition of Good Housekeeping. (If you don’t get this magazine, you should as there is some really cool stuff in it.) It was called “I’m Done with Diet Pills!” and it told the story of 5 remarkable women who decided to give up the diet pills that they had been using and how they lost their weight. They lost 412 pounds total in doing so. What was great about the story is that they did it the old fashioned way. Each woman chose the best meal plan for her lifestyle and then started exercising.

I think that for those of us who have tried diet pills (I think I’ve tried them all) that we wanted weight loss so bad that that we were willing to a chance and spend a small fortune to get those results. Looking back and hearing several horror stories, I am so thankful that I stopped. Not just for my own health but for my family who may have had to deal with a possible unfortunate situation. Since switching to a healthier lifestyle, one that has involved better meal plans and exercise, I feel better, look better and know that I am doing it the right way.

If you or someone you know is taking diet pills to achieve certain weight loss goals, please know that I am here to help. I can provide sample meal plans and exercise routines to do it in a healthier way. I’m just a click away!

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