For dinner last night, I tried something new. I’m not one for fish. I don’t know why and probably never will. I grew up near the ocean so it wasn’t that uncommon to have it for a meal. It was healthy, inexpensive and abundant. I guess that it’s strange that I didn’t care for it.

On Sunday, my husband and I were grocery shopping and ran across a display of Seapak’s Seasoned Ahi Tuna. I’ve wanted for a long time to incorporate fish into my diet because of all of the healthy benefits. We decided to give it a try and put it into the cart. I figured, worst case scenario would be giving it to our cats and then making a PB&J sandwich.

When I put it on our plates, all three cats were there. They were circling me as if they were sharks and I were the bait! Even the dog had to make it known that she would take whatever I wouldn’t eat. It smelled good, not real fishy like I expected. I had made a salad for our side, using lots of delicious veggies. In the end, it turned out good. I’m glad that I tried it, It really wasn’t that bad! I’ll be looking at some other fishes to try as well. If you have any suggestions for a mild fish, I’d love for you to comment or post a recipe.

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