Just like living in Paradise

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

“This must be just like living in paradise,” I thought as Bailey was baking some coconut muffins this past week.  The smell was heavenly and all throughout the house.   It was our first attempt at making them and hey turned out great, other than a few burnt bottoms on the first batch.

One of the ingredients that we used, Coconut Oil, has become quite the staple in our home.  It all started when I began adding it to my shakes.  After learning that it was much more versatile, I began cooking with it.  One of our favorites is sliced apples, cinnamon, nutmeg and a little agave nectar sautéed in coconut oil.   Here’s what it looks like as it’s cooking…SO GOOD!


As I started to read up on the health benefits of using coconut oil, I learned that it wasn’t as unhealthy as I had thought it to be.    Studies were indicating that it was actually a heart healthy food and helped with resistance to certain viruses, helped with proper thyroid function and regulation of blood sugar and even lowered cholesterol.  When I read that it helped with weight loss, primarily abdominal fat, I was SOLD!

Here’s a really quick and easy recipe that was featured on the Dr. Oz show.  It’s one that works for anytime of day.  I prefer breakfast as that tends to be the hardest meal of the day for me.  It’s one that I enjoy from time to time.

Mug Muffins Recipe

1/4 cup ground flax
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp cinnamon.
1 tsp coconut oil
1 egg
1 packet stevia

Place all ingredients into a mug, mix together and then microwave for 55 seconds.

After learning how great coconut oil was for consuming, I then decided to expand its use in our home.  We have since started using it for so many other things like skin care and hair care as it’s a great moisturizer and healer.

Have you used coconut oil or any other ingredient that has helped you lose weight, feel better or more?  Comment back. I’m always on the lookout to try new things and then share my experience with others.

Wishing you good health!


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