Kitchen Secrets

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

You’ve decided that you want to lose weight or maybe try some new things just to live a little healthier.  One of the best places to do that is in the kitchen and I’m going to share some of my secrets with you.   You might find like I did, that changing the way you prep or make your meals, the tools you use, etc. can actually help you in a variety of ways. to help you feel better, to live longer and more.

Here are some simple things that I do in my own kitchen.

1. Nonstick: Use nonstick pans for baking, grilling, sauteing and even for soup. They clean up easy and require a little amount of cooking spray, wine, water or juice to cook with.
2. Cooking Method: Bake, broil, grill, poach or saute foods instead of deep-frying.  You’ll be amazed at how many calories you save by just doing this and I can tell you that there are so many great recipes that you can find now days that you won’t miss the deep fried taste.
3. Reduce: Simply reduce the amount of fat and/or sugar in your recipes. For example, replace half the oil with applesauce or fruit puree when you bake; you can also use one-third less sugar or dried or fresh fruit to add sweetness to cereals and oatmeal.  When we make a birthday cake or brownie, we use applesauce now and no one even notices that simple change I made.
4. Baste: Instead of basting a turkey or chicken with butter or margarine, try basting with vegetable broth, white wine or different juices.  You can also use fresh herbs, placed underneath the skin.  Just remember to remove the skin prior to eating.
5. Lean: Buy the leanest cuts of meat and trim all visible fat before cooking. White meats are healthier than red meats.  And if you choose to eat read meat, eat occasionally.
6. Dairy: Buy low-fat varieties of milk, sour cream, yogurt and cheese. There isn’t much of a taste different between low fat and whole fat.  If choosing, non-fat, be sure to check the label.  Sometimes there is more sugar than what you need.
7. Chocolate:  Choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate.  Reports are showing that it is so much better for you and a piece per day is totally okay.
8. Crumbs: Substitute crunchy cereal instead of store bought bread crumbs.  Crush and add herbs to make homemade chicken tenders or any of your favorite breaded meal.
9. Cut:  Portion control is one of the simplest things that we can do to cut our calorie intake.  Instead of using your typical everyday plate, which tend to be much bigger, use one that is smaller.
10. LOVE:  It’s the secret ingredient in every meal I make.  When you make a home cooked meal, it’s from the heart. 

These are easy tips that anyone can implement and you can choose to do one or all.  The biggest change we made out of the 10 was switching the way I cooked.  Very rarely do we have anything fried and when we do, it’s when we eat out.  Little changes that you make over time, all add up.

What are some of your kitchen secrets or things that you’re doing to lose weight or live healthier?  Post a comment and let me know.

Wishing you good health!


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