Hello Beautiful Soul!  I’m Laura Kelly-Pifer and I’m a Life Coach located in Northwestern Pennsylvania with my husband, Bob, and our two girls, Bailey and Morgan.  I’ve also been blessed with a few fur kids too.

I’m a southern girl, born and raised.  I love sweet tea, grits, funny movies, wine and I love helping others create a life that brings them joy and happiness.  What you see is what you get.  I’m not perfect and I don’t try to be and I now embrace the real me, flaws and all.  I wasn’t always this girl though.  It’s been a decade long journey and one that was pretty rough.  Let me share some of my story with you….

A few years back, I realized that I didn’t know who I was anymore. I looked like I had it all together on the outside but truth be told, I was a hot mess on the inside.

I had been through so much in my life.  As a child, I suffered verbal, physical and sexual abuse which left me with very little confidence and self esteem.  This carried over into adulthood and even in my thirties.  I was saying yes to everyone and everything that was thrown my way. Over the years, I was diagnosed with multiple chronic pain conditions, lost my job and work family due to “corporate downsizing” and I had no clue what my purpose was.  I lived 12 hours from “home” not knowing anyone but my husband and had miscarriages that left me broken inside.  Add in the every day hustle and bustle of life as a busy mom, and I became depressed, tired, frustrated and overwhelmed

Getting to the point of almost a mental breakdown and knowing that I was at a point where it felt like I could lose everything I worked so hard for, I decided that I had to make some changes.  I started my journey towards better health and to finding the real me.  The girl who envisioned a different life.  A better life.  The one she deserved.

By making some adjustments in my life, I was able to build the life I wanted.  At age 37, using my strengths and finding what I enjoyed I was able to quit my full time job and come home to work allowing me to be the mom that “I” wanted to be.  I now had better self esteem and confidence to be able to build my life the way that I wanted.  I could meet my girls after school each day, never miss one of their games and could take any day off to be with them.  It was a dream come true!  Now I get to help other moms create their own version of what I like to call a “kick ass” life.

On this blog, you’ll find articles in which I share the good, the bad and the ugly.  I hope by being transparent with you, you’ll see that we aren’t that different.  That you too, have a source of strength within you.  You’ll see that you have what it takes to be who you really want to be and by setting goals, taking action and embracing the “real” you that the life you desire is totally possible.  If I can have it, you can too!

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My commitment to you is give you the best of me, staying honest and real.

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Be sure to stop by and say hi!  I would love hearing from you and if you want to chat more in person, feel free to send me a message.

With Love,