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I created this “recommend” page to easily list recommended services, products, and companies that I use and those I know are valuable in creating our best life. This page allows you to quickly find great products and services all in one place.  If you have any questions on anything mentioned, please feel free to reach out.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

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Money Saving Websites and Apps

Ebates: Sign up for a website like Ebates where you can earn free CASH BACK for just spending like how you normally would online. All you do is click on a store that you want to shop through (they have TONS of stores such as Groupon, Kohls, REI, Toys R Us, etc.), and shop just like how you normally would. Ebates makes a commission for referring you to the store you just shopped at, and they give you some of that money back as a thank you. Plus, when you sign up through my link, you receive a free $10 cash back!


Shop online from some of your favorite stores and get cash back!

Ibotta:  Ibotta is a fun and exciting way to earn cash every time you shop – plus it’s free! It works in over 80 retailers nationwide, and Ibotta users have already earned over 5 million dollars.  I enjoy using this website especially for grocery shopping.  Lots of name brand items online and off.  Click here to receive a $10 bonus.

AirBNB: My preferred way to travel is to stay in short-term rental vacation homes such as Airbnb (this will give you a $20 Airbnb coupon code for your next stay).  We’ve used this many times and  the Airbnb vacation home rates are usually comparable or cheaper than a hotel, plus you usually have more room and often there is a kitchen.  It’s also nice because they are pet friendly and  if you have several people going on vacation with you, you can split a house for much less than it would be for everyone to get a hotel room.   In addition to this, you can also make money by renting out your home.

Uber: Safe, reliable and easy.  We use Uber for travel when we are out.  It takes the stress off of renting a car when we’re out of town.  This has become our “go to” source for travel.  Click here to get a $15 off your first ride coupon.

Paypal:  We use this site for just about everything.  It makes online purchasing so much easier when paying through paypal.  Get a her$5 credit here. 


Blue Apron – I LOVE this meal delivery service so much. We have fun trying new menus and not having to leave home to shop. Everything I need to plan my meals is included and the exact amount. It’s been such a time saver as well as budget saver!

Ready for better health?
Using the POWER OF THERAPEUTIC KETONES, I have seen ..
+ketosis in 60 minutes
+better sleep
+better mood
+focused mental clarity
+fat loss
+reduced inflammation
+reduced bloat
+reduced hunger & cravings
+hormone balance
+feeling like a million bucks
+strength gain
You can use ANY healthy meal plan and still see changes.
I’ve lost 13 lbs, have no need for afternoon naps, better focus and better mood simply by drinking ketones every day. That’s the only change I’ve made. It’s been life changing!
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