Believing in YOU is the best gift you can give yourself and those you love.

Often as parents, we tend to put ourselves last.  We end up making decisions for the family in which we think are right but we end up lacking the motivation, the energy or the excitement  to carry those things through.

How do I know this?  Because I’ve been there myself and because I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who have felt the same way.

Why is that?  Well, many have told me that this happens because…

– they don’t have “me” time.
– they are too busy with everything else that needs done and they feel guilty because they are taking time away from the kids/family.
– they are overwhelmed/not educated enough with where to start.
– they lack the support to encourage them to keep pushing forward.

Trust me when I say that I get this!  The few reasons above are exactly why women are joining my “Empowered Women’s Lounge.”  They know that these things are hindering them from making the progress that they so desperately seek.  Our FREE group, will give you the support, education and guidance to create a live that you can love, laugh and thrive at.

So my challenge to you this week…

Find something that you ENJOY and that propels you forward into being all that you can be.  You are setting the example for your children and showing them that in life they will need to make sure they take care of themselves as well.

Examples that are easy to start with…

– Take a new course.
– Enjoy a fitness class.
– Grab the phone and call a friend.
– Enjoy coffee on your back deck.

While these are simple things, they are things worth doing.  Why’?  Because YOU DESERVE IT!  When you feel taken care of on the inner most levels, things on the outer levels will start to fall into place.

I believe in you and I know that the life you dream of is right there waiting for you.  Don’t delay.  Take action today.  You’re worth it!

With love.


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