I Look Silly!

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

I was looking over some pictures the other day and came across one that made me think back.  It was the first time that I went to one of our corporate events and at various times, we could work out with some of our celebrity trainers while there.   In addition to those workout sessions, we also were able to hear some pretty amazing motivational speakers and learned a boatload of valuable information that we could apply anywhere in life.  Those things would help us attendees in both personal and professional growth.

But, before I go into detail about that trip, there is something that you should know about me.   I’m probably one of the most uncoordinated people you’ll ever meet and because of that, I always thought that I looked silly when I worked out.  At least, that’s what I told myself, even though no one told me so.  And, by thinking I looked silly, it was one of the main reasons that I didn’t join a gym or do group fitness classes.  My fear of what others thought about me was holding me back from achieving one of the things that I wanted in life and that was to be thin.

So, now that you know that little known fact about me, let me get back to telling you about the conference.  Our event had a variety of folks.  Some of our coaches had already reached their weight loss goals and some were like me, working on getting to theirs.  I LOVED seeing a mix of people in all sizes and shapes.  It was inspiring to know that so many people were coming together to live healthier lives and pay it forward to others by sharing the tips and tools that they used.

I gobbled up all the information that I could but there was one part of the conference that I would not attend.  I just couldn’t get there.  Guess what it was!?!  The workout sessions.  I was embarrassed of how I would look to others.  That same fear that had held me back for years and years, even as early as middle school, was causing me to miss out on some pretty amazing opportunities.

It took traveling across the US to shape me into who I am today.  The self development that I was using to build my business, was spilling over into my personal life.  I had to boost myself up and start loving me, flaws and all and I decided that I had to totally get out of my comfort zone and workout in front of others.  I went back home, signed up for a 5k walk with my family and committed to that walk, I didn’t have the option of quitting.   I couldn’t disappoint my husband or my girls and I didn’t want them thinking that I was not committed to our cause.  

Several years and company conferences later, I now workout in front of others.  Do I look silly?  Probably.  Do I care?  Nope, not anymore.  I’m there to have fun and enjoy myself.  And, I’ve learned that those people that I thought that were judging me, aren’t.   They are focused on their own goals.  All that worrying that I did for years and years, didn’t matter.  Once I got past all that doubt and negative self-talk, things began to change and I become a more confident person.

If my story sounds a little familiar and you’re always thinking that you look silly, telling yourself that you can’t do things and that you’ll never reach your goal, I want you to do something.  When doubt and fear start creeping in, I want you have faith that all things are possible and that you are worth the effort.  I know that our thoughts become actions and when you think good thoughts, good things happen.  This is just the beginning of good things, my friend, I believe it:)  

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With Love,


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