Moms are always taking care of others…..our children, our spouses, friends, etc.  We can be overworked from working all day and then coming home to take care of our family and household chores.  It’s not easy but we do it.  Unfortunately, we end up sometimes not taking care of ourselves.  I know from personal experience that I’ve put myself last many a day.  That’s changed though.

I’ve learned to eat healthier and how to exercise.  It started with a program called Ten Minute Trainer.  I figured that if I could at least give myself 10 minutes a day to exercise along with eating better that I would finally see some changes.  And, It worked!  

I started scheduling “My” time, just as I would a Doctor’s appointment or a Teacher’s Conference and I began to look forward to it.  I made it a habit to come home and get my workout in.  It was something so simple that I could do just for me.   And, I started to feel better too….not just physically but mentally.

Over the last few years, my “Me” time has evolved.  It consists of working out as well as reading each day.   I make it a priority to take my time without any guilt.  I feel that I am a better wife, mom, friend, etc.  because of it.

Do you make time for yourself?  If so, what activities do you do?

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